Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Savory Sundays: Sunny Spring Staple- White Denim

I worked this past Sunday for the first time in a while.  Although we had some beautiful weather that I would have loved to go spend some time in, I really didn't mind going in to the store.  I love working Sundays at Nordstrom because they are relatively busy and the shifts tend to be a little shorter since the store isn't open as long.

I wore this fun floral top with my white Paige denim.  I would say that white denim is a must-have for any girl in the spring and summer months.  The benefits of white is that it matches with virtually everything. I wear mine nearly every week. I know you're probably thinking "Doesn't white get dirty really easily?" (what could you be doing to get them so dirty?) or "I don't want my legs to look like little sausages!" (my personal favorites of the silly things my customers say) but as long as you're not wearing them to the airport (I made this mistake- it's a dirty place) and purchase a pair that fit you well- they are so flattering! Here are some links to my favorites available right now...

J Brand- Great Skinny. Made from Tencel and are super soft and comfortable.  Given 5 stars on the Nordstrom website. Read the reviews if you're not convinced.

Paige Premium Denim- Great ankle peg. Fit true to Paige sizing (size down from typical denim size e.g. if you're a 27, I'd recommend a 26. They stretch!) This is the pair that I'm wearing below.

Citizen of Humanity- White Crop.  These fit like a dream and are very comfortable. The perfect white crop! 5 stars on the Nordstrom website.

Hudson- Baby boot cut. This pair of white is considered to be a "baby" boot.  Its something between a straight leg and a boot cut. Very flattering and has a great fit. ( Remember that Hudson stretches the most of premium denim, so sizing down is wise as well) 5 stars on the Nordstrom website.

The white denim listed above are just some of my favorites and are the brands and styles that I would consider myself to be an expert on. Although these tend to be a typical price for premium denim, you can find white at every price point.  I own three pairs of white denim. One from JC Penny because it was written in Glamour Magazine last year as the best white denim for the price ($14!!), one from Forever 21 because they have a nice stretch and were also very well priced and then my Paige pair, because I am addicted to Paige and received it as a gratis at Nordstrom.

White Denim: Paige Premium Denim "Optic White". Floral Blouse: BP, Nordstrom. Sandals: Forever 21. Necklace: J Crew. Watch: Michael Kors. Bangles: Various brands. Sunnies: Ray Ban "Wayfarer". Handbag: Marc by Marc Jacobs. Lips: Butter London Lippy "Trout Pout"

Hope you all can use this tip on white denim and are inspired to go get a pair yourself!  I promise you wont regret it.  One of my favorite things in my closet for Spring! :)

Xoxox Ashiee B

Feeling: Motivated after my product knowledge meeting at Nordstrom this morning with Personal Stylists in the Seattle area 
Listening: "In your Atmosphere (Acoustic) (live)" John Mayer 


Melissa De La Rosa said...

I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours!



Ashiee B said...

Aw thanks Melissa!! :) Thanks for the support and comment! I still need to see your blog!

Melissa De La Rosa said...

It's up and working now :)

I'm thinking we should do some kind of collab. on our blogs.

To get exposure to both! :)

Ashiee B said...

I'd love to do something like that! Lets start brainstorming on content! :)

Melissa De La Rosa said...

Yeah! Tweet me @Mel09Fashion or facebook me. I think you can add me now haha.

fleurani said...

So chic Ash :-). H&M has that necklace in rose right now, I'd really wish I would have gotten the turquoise one last year, its so pretty. Great how you paired it with that floral blouse.


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