Monday, May 30, 2011

No Tutus Required

One thing I have definitely loved about getting ready to ship off to beautiful Italia is the constant excuse to get together with all my favorite people and do fun things! This last week has been very eventful and fun to say the least while I've tried to do just about anything imaginable but pack a single item in my suitcase (I loathe packing, fyi). So one person I had to check of the "must-see" list was non-other than Miss Laura Nixon. For those of you who don't know her, she is my fabulous little best friend that I met while being a part of the WSU dance team my sophomore year at school. She's one of my favorite people because of her upbeat attitude and constant humor. I can giggle for everrr with this girl. Since Laura and I have a passion for dance and working out in general, I thought it would be fun for us to try out a workout trending called Pure Barre. So with the background and training the two of us dancers have had I thought "Pffft, barre in ballet can be a sinch so this will have nothing on us!" Boy was I wrong. This could possibly have been the hardest workout I've had in sometime, no joke! The class is made up of fairly simple movements with an emphasis on isolations using light weights and exercise bands but dont let that fool ya. Its been two days since we took the class and I'm still sore! A sign of a good butt kickin :). So if you love to feel a burn, I suggest trying it! Great little surprise was that the first class for each and every student is free- great price!

Post booty sculpting Pure Barre Class and Pre pastry indulgence ;)

Only set back to this workout is that its located next to The French Bakery serving fresh French pastries and Italian espresso. Laur and I decided to treat ourselves to  soy cappuccinos along with some creme brulee, raspberry mousse and a couple hour talk about life, love and other mysteries. It was perfect! :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This IS my first rodeo

Here I am blogging to share with you a little of my style, viewpoint, fun quirky things I like to do and what makes me tick.  I'm a newly graduated 20-something looking to make new meaning for myself in this crazy thing we like to call life. Fun things to come include my travels to Italy, playing the Maid of Honor in my best friends wedding and a yoga retreat with my sister to Bali, Indonesia. This ain't no Eat, Pray, Love but it is life through the looking glass of a girly-girl loving all things girl like ribbons, bows, and lace. Disclaimer: This IS my first rodeo in the world of blogging but hey, I love a good challenge. Great things come with practice and even better things come from experience, so here I go! Xoxox
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