Hello! Ciao! Hola!

I'm Ashley Elizabeth Barrett, but others know me as Ash, Shorty (by Mom), PP (reason to be concealed), Ashy... you name it. I love nick names and perpetually call people something other than what their birth certificate says... Life is more fun that way :)

Outside the doors to my apartment in Florence

I'm a 20- something from the greater Seattle area but am currently living in sunny Almeria, Spain (right on the Mediterranean!).

A little bit about me...

  • Lived and studied in Florence, Italy (my dream since I was 16) and absolutely fell in love with the country and Europe.
  • Graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Apparel Merchandising and minor in Fine Arts.


  • Worked as a Personal Stylist for Nordstrom for about a year. (It was not like playing barbie with real people, if you're wondering.) 
  • Quit my potential career and got certified in teaching English as a second language as a chance to return to Europe. 
  • Met an awesome guy who was interested in doing the same. We hit it off and are currently dating.


  • Started working for Women For One- a place where women can share their stories of life lessons and personal growth in order to create a new future for themselves. Check out the website here!
  • Learned that teaching in Italy was out of the question so I applied to teach in Spain!

And the rest as of now is waiting to be told....

Lover of gelato, live music, and meeting new people.  Although I don't work primarily in fashion, as of now, its something I will always be interested in. I believe that true style isn't about where you shop but how you wear something.

I'm an avid Yogini favoring Bikrams strict style of 26 perfected postures. Try hot yoga- your life will be forever changed (maybe for the worst the first class but it gets better- Promise!). As well as going to Italy, I was lucky enough to have the chance to go to Bali, Indonesia. I was there for a two week yoga retreat and learned more things about yoga than I thought was possible. I'm learning however that with most things, there is always more to learn. Im starting to extend my yoga practice from being a Bikram snob to flowing through the power vinyasa style and learning all that a chaturanga has to offer.

 I'm looking to travel the world, explore and gain new perspective... All while being creative, imaginative and a little crafty- Oh and of course having a lot of fun! Cheers!

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