Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A month and a day...

So its actually been a month and a day since my last post, which makes me sad! I haven't shown much love to my blog lately because well, I haven't had much time.  I found snapping a few photos of my outfits for work at Nordstrom was a lot easier and convenient then it is now, working as a barista [I know your all dying to see how fashionable my apron is! ;)].

Just to update you all, in the past month, I have started taking my teaching certification course which actually ends next weekend!! Yippie! I'm excited to have weekends for my pure enjoyment again. My class has been every Saturday and Sunday from 9am-6pm. I have been working full time during the week, attending three different community groups through my church at night and squeezing friends in every second I get. I have been BUSY to say the least. So shopping and blogging has taken the back burner. Le sigh...

Here's a little shot of me at work... I'm sporting my little crocheted headband that I bought last year at the Folklife festival. Gotta try to spice up the ol' uniform in any girly, cute way that I can! :)
Hope life is swell for you all!

Ashiee B

Barista Glamour Shots ;)

Feeling: Tired of the rain here in Seattle!! Come on, its the middle of July! 
Anticipating: Road tripping to visit a best friend with a few other best friends in a couple weeks :)
Listening: "You don't know me" Ben Folds 

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