Sunday, May 22, 2011

This IS my first rodeo

Here I am blogging to share with you a little of my style, viewpoint, fun quirky things I like to do and what makes me tick.  I'm a newly graduated 20-something looking to make new meaning for myself in this crazy thing we like to call life. Fun things to come include my travels to Italy, playing the Maid of Honor in my best friends wedding and a yoga retreat with my sister to Bali, Indonesia. This ain't no Eat, Pray, Love but it is life through the looking glass of a girly-girl loving all things girl like ribbons, bows, and lace. Disclaimer: This IS my first rodeo in the world of blogging but hey, I love a good challenge. Great things come with practice and even better things come from experience, so here I go! Xoxox


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