Friday, May 4, 2012

Savory "Sundaes": Italian food, family, and a concert- oh my!

I have decided recently that Sundays are my favorite days. I like them more and more because it is usually a day that I have off and so do my friends and family. This past Sunday I went to Ballard with my parents for the Sunday farmers market.  There is a new gelato shop in Ballard that is really authentic so of course I coerced my parents into taking me there! ;) I got two of my favorite flavors I discovered while living in Italy, Melone which of course is melon and Riso Naturale which is a natural rice that is somewhat sweet and savory at the same time. It was delicious! We didnt stop there... We rounded out our Sunday with dinner at Piccolino's (my favorite Italian restaurant in Seattle)! My parents and I split homemade lobster ravioli and margharita pizza (both just to die for) all while sipping a reserve bottle of Italian wine. Buon Appetito! ;)

Dress: H&M. Pink Blazer: Thrifted. Sandals: Handmade in Capri, Italy. 
Necklaces: Chunky chains- Nordstrom Rack. "ooh la la"- Kate Spade. Watch: Michael Kors. 
Bangles: Various brands. Sunnies: Ray Ban "Wayfarer"

After dinner, I made my way over to my friend Dana's house in Queen Anne. From there her and I went to see James Morrison live in concert (and no, I'm not confused with Jim Morrison).  We both love his music and had been so excited to see him perform.  I had a feeling that he would be good in concert but he totally knocked my socks off! He was AMAZING! I think it was one of the best concerts that I had seen in a while.  In addition to having an outstanding voice, he is from Australia so he had a really cute accent and had larger than life stage presence. He didnt stop joking around all night and had the crowd singing, laughing and dancing until the bitter end.  I would definitely see him again the next time he comes into town!

Sorry I've been lazy about my blogging lately. I think I might just blame it on this totally un-motivating rain that we've had in Seattle... Bring on the sun!

Xoxox Ashiee B

Listening: James Morrison "You give me something"
Loving: My week filled with time with my friends :)
Anticipating: My friend Schoon's going away party and the bridal accessory photo shoot I'm in on Sunday :)


fleurani said...

Hey Ash,

was just about to send you a message asking what you are up to as you haven't posted for quite a while ;-).

So funny, I will be attending a James Morrison concert in June that my friend got me for my birthday. Good to hear that is was worth it, so looking forward to it now :-). I always listen to his latest cd in my car, it's pretty good and I love his scratchy voice.
Anyway, what an adorable outfit, love the combo of that striped dress with that pink blazer :-)

Have a great start in the week dear :-)
Ani :-)

Anonymous said...

perfect outfit!!love the dress!

Ashiee B said...

Thank you Ani!!
I have been so bad about blogging lately! I've had a lot of changes going on in my life [many of which I will blog about at a later date ;)... ]. They are all good changes tho. Thank you for being such a loyal follower of my blog. It means SO much to me! :) I love your blog as well. I feel like our styles tend to be very similar.
Have an amazing time at James Morrison!! He is SO amazing live and I know that you will love it! Hope you're doing well!

xoxox Ashiee B

Ashiee B said...


Thank you!! :) I thought the pink blazer was a fun way to jazz up the neutral striped maxi!

xoxox Ashiee B

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