Sunday, April 1, 2012

Savory Sundays: My haven

Today is the first day that I have had off in a while, so I've just been basking in my house doing absolutely nothing but listening to music and relaxing.  Got my favorite candle lit, voluspa of course (currently the "Bella Sucre"scent), reading blogs and sipping some french press coffee. Sounds relaxing doesn't it?!  Later I plan on taking some photos for my blog and hitting the gym.  But for now I thought I'd share my little slice of heaven with you.  I worked for a while on creating the perfect shabby chic dwelling for myself and I absolutely love spending time in it. To me, its the most comfortable, "homey" atmosphere.  Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! :)

xoxox Ashiee B

My bed.  Its the most comfortable thing in the world! Complete with 500 thread count sheets, down feather duvet cover, and down feather bed.  Yeah... its really hard to get up in the morning. The mask on the wall is one of my favorite things. I picked it up in Venice while I was there with my friends. The lights in the right hand corner are hooked up to a dimmer and really set the mood. They're antiques and I got them at an estate sale for only $40!

I bought this pillow while I was living in Florence, Italy... This is literally what I told myself with all the purchases
I made there :) The others are made by my mom and I.

I used these flower curtain hooks as necklace hooks to keep my jewelry somewhat organized.  The Buddha mask is one of my souvenirs from my yoga retreat to Bali, Indonesia with my sister.

This is a snapshot of my closet and the mirror that I made. I found the frame at a garage sale for $1. I spray painted it silver and had Speedy Auto Glass cut a mirror to fit it. Its the best wardrobe mirror ever! Love it. The two little paintings above are something that I made to match the "Keep Calm and Carry On" painting I did above my bed. 

Close-up of my OCD color organized closet. It helps me keep track of all my things!

My favorite little kitty boy, Reggie. He's my buddy and keeps me company pretty much any time that I'm home.
He makes me happy :)

Snapshot of my dresser area where I keep pretty much everything that doesn't fit in my closet i.e. socks, undergarments,  workout clothes, jeans etc.

Close-up of my bed. I painted the "Keep Calm & Carry On" painting above my bed, added lace around the border and some rhinestones. It's somewhat hard to see in the photo but its black and white with Tiffany blue lettering and accents on the crown.

This tends to be where I read, blog and spend my time when I'm at home. With exception of the souvenirs from my traveling, I bought most of the things in my room from thrift shops, eBay, estate sales etc. and revamped them in a way that was exactly what I wanted. Its so much cheaper that way and is so rewarding when you see the finished product!

Feeling: A little hazy from a good time out dancing with friends last night :)
Anticipating: My paycheck this week
Listening: Gavin Degraw "Not Over You" via James Morrison Pandora station


Tabby L said...

so obsessed with your room! it is beautiful and so well put together!! : )

Ashiee B said...

Aw thank you tabby!! It was really fun to design and put together! :)

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