Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Savory Sundays: An Italian Easter

I just discovered this past weekend that aside from Halloween, I think that Easter might be my favorite holiday. The reason why these two are my favorites- Fashion. Every year for Halloween, I have my costume planned out about 6 months in advance and always make it on my own.  And I just discovered that I love Easter because people love to get dressed up and wear something other then just jeans and a t-shirt. I went to church that morning with my parents and met up with one of my best friends Denise. Afterwards, her and I went to Starbucks for a coffee and to catch up. Thats when I could hardly focus on what we were saying because I had to check out everyones looks as they walked through the door and stood in line.  I'm just a little fashion obsessed. We finished the afternoon off with brunch at Brown Bag cafe with a few other friends. At brunch we all talked about traveling to Europe and it made me reflect on my experience... and miss it.

I bet you're wondering what it was that made my Easter well... Italian. Well for starters, almost my entire outfit that I wore was purchased while I was living in Italy. My floral dress was one of my favorite pick ups from Zara which is one of the best stores imaginable. I wish that we had it here in Seattle. Unlike H&M, you can purchase Zara pieces online. My leather sandals are another one of my favorite purchases while I was in Italy. They are so unique and so comfortable.

Dress: Zara. Sandals: Shoe store in Italy. Sunnies: Marc By Marc Jacobs. Handbag: Marciano. 
Watch: Michael Kors. Necklace: Kate Spade. Lipstick: NARS "Heat Wave"

To polish off this Italian Easter, my parents and I had dinner at The Old Spaghetti factory and sipped some Chianti wine. Afterwards, we went to an Italian restaurant in Ballard called Piccolino's to have a night cap. My mom and I sipped lemoncello lemon drops while my dad sipped a vodka martini.  We talked all about my travels to Italy and how I need to go back there. The manager of Piccolino's was an Italian man with a thick accent that I hadn't realized I missed until he opened his mouth.  I told him that I took an Italian language class so he tested my skills.  I could tell him my name, my age and where I lived in Florence and that was about it.  None the less it made my knees weak for Italy and I'm now scheming how I can move back!

Xoxo Ashiee B

Loving: The fact that my friend Ali is back from her trip to Europe and now has the travel bug... we'll be going somewhere!
Feeling:  So well rested! Its amazing how a full 8 hrs can make you feel.
Anticipating: Dinner tonight with Ali, Ngoc and Dana to celebrate Ali's 23 and hear about her travels.


Je said...

That last pic has you living up to your family nickname, Shorty! ;)


Wow, it's warm and sunny in Seattle! Almost unbelievable! :))) I've been there recently and it has been raining all week long...

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Ashiee B said...

Yea, I know!! We have been so fortunate lately! Hopefully the next time you're here you can experience it in the sunshine! Its the most amazing place when its sunny! :)

Fashion Lookbook said...

Amazing dress!

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