Friday, March 30, 2012

Red, white and plaid all over

I've had an early last couple days because of seminars and meetings at work.  Little do you know, there is actually a method to the madness of being a stylist.  So it was all about goals and how to be the best at what we do. At the meeting, I was also put on what they call the "Go-To" team at our store meaning that I'm one of the best... Made me feel so privileged and good about the work that I do.  Even though I had to be up at an ungodly hour, I love anything that comes in the form of motivation so I enjoyed it. And not to toot my own horn but I think it totally helped because my last sale before lunch rang in at over $1,000. Toot, toot! ;) If only I could go on shopping sprees like that all the time! Until then, I'll just live vicariously through my customers...

Shirt: Roxy. Jacket: Forever 21. Boyfriend Jeans: BP, Nordstrom. Shoes: Urban Outfitters. Necklace: Nordstrom Rack. Handbag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Loving: The new John Mayer song "Shadow Days". I cant wait to hear the whole CD!
Anticipating: A good work out after work tonight... Weird I know!
Feeling: Extremely motivated about my job


Je said...

The SMILES are so much better - and so much more Ashley! Congrats on being one of the best. Toot toot, beep beep, I love you!

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