Sunday, June 26, 2011

Student at home, friend abroad :)

This past Thursday night after I was done with class, I raced over to the Marriott Excelsior about 15 minutes away to meet with one of my favorite professors from WSU.  Back home at Washington State, she was the professor for my upper level merchandising math classes. Even though her class was at 8am (not so much my favorite part), I loved her upbeat attitude and quick pace to get my brain movin on monday and wednesday mornings.  Math is a subject that always came easy to me for the most part so I did well in her class and formed a great relationship with her this past year.  In the spring when I told her that I was studying abroad in Italy this summer, she told me that she was going to be vacationing there with her husband in the end of June.  I of course suggested that we get together if at all possible for some vino, dinner or whatever.  Once I graduated I again reminded her of this and we decided to make it happen.
I loved getting to meet with her outside of the classroom and share stories of our travels.  She was traveling with her husband and his parents through England and then the two of them were traveling alone within Italy.  They were only in Florence for two days and were traveling with a group so I felt really lucky to be squeezed into their itinerary. It was so fun to meet her husband, and chat over a glass of red wine.  Poor Darren, her husband, was a little quiet and could hardly get a word in over chatty Dr. Ellis and I. Although we only had an hour to meet, we took full advantage of the time! I apologized to him at one point, letting him know that I was a very chatty girl and he was like "You dont need to tell me, I can see you and Joan are one in the same!" Her and I could have talked fashion, traveling and anything in between for hours! We talked about my future as a professional, possibly abroad in Italy :) and the future of the apparel merchandising program at WSU with going abroad.
Meeting with someone from home was such a treat! :) Although she was only my teacher from school, she felt like a great friend and almost like a family member.

Thanks again Dr. Ellis and Darren! I truly loved our time together!! 

xoxox Ash


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