Thursday, June 9, 2011

Independent Woman

Photography is a lot more time consuming than I thought.  I am totally loving all of the new things that I am learning and taking photos is such a fun thing for me but it does require a lot of time.   You just cant rush taking photos from an artistic perspective.  Each scene thats being photographed needs to be shot with many different angles because you never know if you'll like the 10th shot more than the 1st.  With all that being said, I have spent a lot of time roaming the city alone before I have class. Doing so has been really fun, I get in the "zone" and can do it for hours.  But sometimes I just cant wait to get to class so I can speak with people.  I'd say that I'm a very chatty person. I love to talk and thats one thing that frustrates me at times, is the language barrier.  I want to get to know the Italians around me.  So yesterday while I was roaming I found a really nice, big book store and bought myself an Italian/English translation book and started reading over lunch.  I really want to teach myself as much Italian as possible while I'm here! Most Italians that I come across that do speak English are so polite and love to teach little phrases.  I was wondering aimlessly before class yesterday and got directions from a little Italian man who was so sweet and asked me what I was doing in Italy.  Thats when I said "Sono uno studente di fotografia" meaning "I'm a photography student". I was very proud of myself and he was impressed. I then asked if I could take his picture as a memo, he gladly accepted and wanted to take one of me as well (I just wish it had a much better background than a mini).

Kappa Love :)

I forgot to mention that it has been pouring rain here for the last week! There have been thunder and lightning storms and lots of rain but its really humid! Its really strange. I feel like the rain in Seattle usually bothers me but in Italy, its alright. ;)

After class last night, my roommates and I went to a place across the Arno river for dinner called Dante's.  The food of course was so amazing and they had a screaming deal of unlimited wine for students... trouble! It was one of my favorite dinners here so far.  We met up with four other girls that know one of my roommates and chatted over dinner for 3 hours.  We were finally one of the last to leave the restaurant (the Italians looked impressed)! Im really loving my roommates, I feel like I have known them for so much longer than one week... Its so bizarre to think that I havent! After dinner we went out on the town and stopped at a pub called the Lions Fountain, where you can sign your colleges shirt on the ceiling. Of course I found one from WSU full of names that I know.  After being out for a few hours, the girls and I along with some random friends we made went off to find the "Secret Bakery" which is a bakery that sells pastries at night when people are coming home from the bars. Its an unmarked building and has to be "secret" because after a certain time in Italy, no store can be open. The door has a sign that reads "Please be quiet". I loved this! Every pastry was only 1 Euro and soo amazing! Warm, gooey and fresh, I decided to get a nutella filled croissant! O.M.G. Heaven!! Then we wandered back home and tucked ourselves into bed. 

Today Im taking off for Venice to see Coldplay for the night and then will spend my weekend in Verona  where Romeo and Juliet toke place along with Lake Garda! I'll have updates sometime early next week! Ciao!! Xoxoxo

PS. for any and all of you who have been wondering, I HAVE seen the Jersey Shore here. The other night I was five feet away from Vinnie, Pauly D and the Situation while they were filming.  It was so bizarre to be watching them in person.  Pauly is actually pretty attractive... with a hat on.


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