Wednesday, June 1, 2011

fml- folk my life :)

As leaving for my trip to Italy inched closer, I thought it would be smart to hang with the locals this year for memorial day.  With that in mind, I tried to convince some of my nearest and dearest friends to do the same! Luckily, it worked! Thursday night was another epic cabin trip to one of my bests from college, Ali Spencer's cabin.  This little gem of a cabin is nestled nicely in Snohomish on Lake Roesiger, which is only about a half hour from my house.  This cabin has been notorious in the past for lots of silly moments and fun memories with friends, boyfriends, really whatever were feeling at the time has happened.  The group this weekend was a little larger than the past but had the same intentions as always- to have a "Camp Spencer"experience where people can just relax and cut loose. Highlight from the weekend that was quite serious at the time but is funny to look back on was when Ali decided to smoosh a smore on Katie's pillow pets head... what came over her? No one knows, Ali included.


Daniela cleaning up Pip, Katie's hippo pillow pet

Memorial day in Seattle is typically known for the Folklife Festival that has been happening for the past 40 years.  With usually making plans to go to Chelan for a weekend of fun in the sun, I'd never been to the festival before.  Neither had my bestie Daniela so her and I thought we'd see what all the hum was about.  Folklife is known for its vast diversity in art and in people. I've never thought that people watching was a sport, but let me tell you that I became an avid player in the game that day! From guys with mohawks to hippies and average joes, there was every walk of life to watch. I love going and experiencing different things and this was the perfect as a final hoorah in Seattle!

Some beautimous necklaces at Folklife

Some silly animal hats :)

The booths at the festival had all sorts of goodies to look at.  Beads and different pieces of clothing from Bali (which I will be traveling to in August) and other places around the world scattered the grounds of the Seattle center. Below are some silly and fun pics of me and Daniela fully enjoying what the festival had to offer.

Giggles for days

The best phot  

2 best friends + 2 elephant ears + 2 panda hats + folk music + beer garden = Folking amazing day in Seattle!! :) Cheers!

Me and D enjoying an elephant ear and some panda hats :)


Je said...
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Je said...

Cute pics little sistor! I'm jealous you got to do Folk Life - love that festival. Even if it is a little hippie and smelly. At least you and D classed up the joint a bit! xoxo

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